The Expecting Father’s Day

Rajan couldn’t concentrate on his work today, as he browsed for baby names on Google. Baby cribs, baby clothes and creams brimming in his Amazon
shopping cart.
His wife’s maternity leave had begun, ending his after-parties and overtimes to reach home as early as possible. Buying groceries on his way back home and watching recipes instead of Game of Thrones became a routine, and the routine of smoke break became
nicotine time.
Rajan was more euphoric going back home today than other days of the week. It was a Saturday which meant a cozy weekend and an entire sunday to look after his queen and the little life inside her.

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“Today is father’s day. From next year, you shall celebrate it too.” 

His wife said, caressing her belly.

Keeping aside all his work and ignoring all the office mails that day, Rajan planned a series of pamper therapy for his wife on that Sunday. Right from shopping and dinner to personal back massage. Some chitchat with the baby inside and feeding the medicines to his wife on time, practicing with the diaper and decorating the baby’s room, it seemed like one day off was so not enough.
Despite a months more to become a father, Rajan had already commenced with his duties. He held his wife’s hand tight outside, kept track of her diet, forbade her from physical home chores and had already opened a new savings account.But as the sun dulled down for the day, so did Rajan’s smile. A concerned Rajan had already requested the neighbours to keep check on his wife when he was at work. The expecting parents curled back in the bed, dishearted to begin with a new week of distance. After some fruits, chocolates and cuddles, they kissed each other, good night.
Unwilling, but out of obligations, before drifting to sleep, Rajan went through his pending office mails. But instead of vexing over it, he was rejoiced to get his first and best Father’s day gift even before becoming one. Jumping on the bed like a kid, he hugged his sleeping wife in glee. The mail from the HR read- ” Paternity Leave Sanctioned.”