Not a Cliche One-Sided Love Story

She always looks beautiful, but today, there was another charm altogether. It was her wedding anniversary and I couldn’t stop looking at her. But I was caught, I was caught admiring her beauty all over again.

“Hey, why do you look at her like that?, They asked.

I tried to register my eyes off her. She wasn’t mine anymore. Those days were gone when she used to be only with me all day.

“Should I be true to you?” I asked them.

You have to be. C’mon now we want to hear your story.” They urged.

“Well” I began, “She loved me a lot, she promised me that there was no other man special than me in her life. But the fairytale bubble had to burst when she met another man in her college one day. She met a guy more handsome, someone, more important to her. Someone, other than me who made her smile, who made her feel special.”

“Then?” They eagerly asked.

“Then what, things became worse with me. She came to me one day, saying she had another man in her life and she intends to marry him.” I became pale.

“So, you let her go?” They enquired

My heart cried a big ‘NO’, but I had to let her go, and I was happy because she was happy. I couldn’t be selfish. Look, she is so happy with him now, as they celebrate 8 years of their marriage. Maybe he gave her more than I could. He is good to her, and that’s all matters now to me.” I sighed.

But you secretly hate our Daddy. Right?” The little kids giggled.

It’s the law of the society beta, daughter’s make the most special place in our life, they are the princesses of their father, just like mine. But at the end of the day, they have to leave, to make a special place in another house, with another man. It makes me envy your daddy more, It makes me hate the society more.” I drifted into a little of emotion.

Awe Grandpa! Don’t cry! I will be your Princess, I’ll be there with you, and you can relive mumma’schildhood with me.” My adorable little granddaughter consoled me.

I hugged my two little grandchildren and we proceeded to cut the anniversary cake with my daughter and son-in-law. One one-sided love story like this too.